i wanna squish ur cheeks
My art is under the tag 'sometimes chickens art'. I'm Pro-ta-go-nist on Deviantart and EggnogDrunkard on fanfiction.net.

It is an age-old secret that people make better decisions between 1 and 2 cups of wine- being a little inebriated makes you feel like anything is possible, and I have witnessed many historical events, gently swaying from side to side. In other words, this is an art/drabble dump blog, products of my fuzzy mind. Slightly worrying, to be honest.

I'm an
INFP. Which of course, stands for Infinitely Neurotic Flying Panda. Because when chickens are drunk, they are pandas which can fly.

I doodled this on one of the little namecards in the pack I bought from the school bookshop
It’s the cover for my fic, Odd Jobs XD; 
(By extension also a shameless plug) 

if you are interested, here it is-


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